FAQ - Weekly Rituals Planner
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How long will the shipping take?
All our U.S. shipping is handled by Amazon, so you should have your planner in less than 48 hours.


How long will my WR Planner last?
The Weekly Rituals planner is designed to last exactly 23 weeks (writting everyday).


What do I expect after weeks using the WR Planner?
Using the Planner, you will aproach your goals in a clear and agressive way. Set a goal and go after it. The planner will get you away from procrastination and also will help you to quantize your productive & unproductive time.


How much time do I have to use the WR Planner to start being more productive?
You’ll notice a change of mind in less than a week. You’ll gain self-awareness and start to have the control on your days.


Why is the planner designed for 23 weeks?
We believe in realistic short-term goals. You can’t dream with running a marathon when you are not able to work out 3 times a week. Start small and smart.


Is the WR Planner easy to handle?
Absolutely! It fits in every bag and doesn`t weight more than any regular notebook 🙂


How much daily time do I need to write on the planner?
You will need no more than 5 minutes to write your daily goals and reviews. On sunday, you’ll need about 15 minutes.